Installer Partners

Order pre-paired devices from our online store and set them up at your clients’ homes and offices in minutes. Maintain and diagnose existing and potential troubles of the installed hardware remotely via our intelligent operation center and support portal.

Installers love working with us as we’re constantly adding support for new smart home devices and implement breaking new features, such as room delegation and device-based sharing.

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OEM Partners

For businesses looking for ways to make their products smart: introducing the eZLO Home Automation Platform.

You add an eZLO chip to your devices and then get access to our comprehensive ecosystem including a gateway, a mobile app, a cloud storage, an operation center and support of numerous third-party smart devices. Our developers are here to continuously guide you to further improving your smart[er] products.

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eZLO hub

Connect as many Z-Wave devices as you want. Manage your home on the go. Set smart rules.
Share control. And do much more.

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