Leaders of innovative technology in IoT and security software development, eZLO has been in business since 2014 and is currently the only company to provide the four essential components needed to convert an OEM product into a smart product capable of delivering advanced home automation. eZLO’s all-inclusive platform allows OEMs to plug-and-play our technology into an existing product line to create market ready home automation solutions at the most cost-effective price point.

Hub/Controller Hub/Controller
Cloud / Infra Cloud / Infra
Cloud / Infra
Mobile Apps Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps
Web-Based Admin Web-Based Admin
Web-Based Admin

How it Works

Your product is first smart activated with our world-class engineered hub controller board, converting it to a product with the ability to communicate with other smart devices via Z-Wave. You and your products will then have access to our complete ecosystem of secure cloud infrastructure, Mobile App Software and Web-based Admin, giving you the advantage of entering the smart home automation market with fully supported technology backing your end user experience.

We handle all research and development, as well as integration of command and control while you concentrate your efforts on building your smart home business.

Now that’s smart.

Get smart with eZLO