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Arlie Ryley

Meet Arlie, a Working Mom

Arlie is a school teacher who loves kids. Above all, she loves her own children, a 4 year old Mia and year-old Noah. They are the biggest treasures of her life, and Arlie is happy to help them grow and discover the world. Yet sometimes she needs to leave them at home with a babysitter. But, as a caring mother, Arlie’s afraid something could go wrong while she’s not around and she worries constantly.

eZLO Hub

Arlie found out about home automation technologies that can help her keep an eye on her kids even if she’s away. She picked the eZLO hub as the heart of her future smart home because she requires guaranteed reliability and ease of use.

Buy New

After installing an eZLO hub, Arlie turned to a smart home installer who helped her install and fill her house with a few security sensors tracking the levels of CO, CO2 and humidity, as well as a couple of door and window sensors, smart locks, plugs and a siren. The data gathered by the devices is tracked, sent, and stored in the eZLO hub. Once anything unusual happens, the eZLO app will immediately notify Arlie via her smartphone.

Securing the home

You never know what kids will decide to do in any given minute and how their circumstances may change at a moment’s notice. This is where sensors come in handy: should there be any sign of smoke, fire, or flood, the eZLO hub will get this information and pass it to Arlie.

Everspring Smoke, Flood and Humidity Detectors

Everspring Smoke,Flood and Humidity Detectors

Everspring detectors are fully compatible with the eZLO hub and are extremely sensitive to changes in the air. A small, but crucial feature: they will detect and report if the battery is low. A loud alarm will notify kids if something goes wrong.

The Data Every Mom Would Like to Have

TKB Home Door/Window Sensors
Aeotec Nano Switch

When Smart Means Protected

Arlie’s life hasn’t changed much after she installed a dozen smart home devices at her place. But suddenly she realized she gained something very precious: peace of mind.

Now, when she’s away from her kids, she knows for sure: they are safe. And this is what matters most.