The Complete Ecosystem

1. The eZLO Hub/Controller Board

Why do I need it?

We provide your product the ability to fully enable home automation. The controller board/hub smartens your device and simultaneously bridges the user, device, and home. You provide users with the smart technology, turning 100% of the market into an addressable market. Through innovation, we’ve achieved a cost effective price point (under $5) so that you can incorporate, to your specifications, a smart home controller hub with every device manufactured.

2. Smart Phone and Web Applications

Why do I need it?

There’s no need for you to develop apps from scratch to control your device: we have done it for you. All apps have clean and intuitive user interfaces with frequent updates to ensure top quality functionality and usability. They are available on iOS, Android and web for complete reliability. As an OEM, all you have to do is add your brand and have your own smart phone and web applications.

3. Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Why do I need it?


From ability to control from different locations, to being able to offer remote support, cloud infrastructure acts as the backbone of any smart home automation strategy. It meshes and connects everything together. We empower OEMs with the robust and scalable cloud infrastructure needed to take their product to the next level.

4. Web Based Admin

Why do I need it?

Our support center gives you the power to efficiently manage support tickets and provide white- labeled expert support to your customers. Check the status of your devices, launch maintenance checks and fix users’ troubles remotely to maintain your devices after they are sold and activated. Gather analytical data such as usage and geographical status to gain the useful information needed make smart market decisions.

Let’s make the smart home achievable, together.

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