A button that does what you want

Turn any of your devices on/off and trigger predefined actions with one click of a button.
Simple switch for a single action

Replace your old switch with a smarter one

Same size, four times the action

Best offer:same case, four smart buttons

Imagine pressing just one button to…

Close the blinds and dim all lights in your living room for a horror movie night.

Start your morning by playing your favorite song all over the house while your coffee is automatically brewing.

Switch off selected electrical appliances before leaving your home for the weekend.

Order you favorite extra-large pizza when a friend visits your home unexpectedly

One button is not enough? Get a 4-button switch

One button is not enough? Get a 4-button switch

One press / Long press

  1. Party time / Call pizza
  2. Good night / Kids are sleeping
  3. Turn on all lights / Open garage door
  4. Turn all off / Disarm alarm


  • FCC, CE and Z-Wave Plus certified Rechargeable battery works for 6 months per charge
  • Over-the-air firmware updates Buzzes on low battery and communication failure
  • Z-Wave coverage: up to 30 meters Can be either wall-mounted or used as a portable device

Technical specifications

Z-Wave frequency

868.42MHz (Europe)
908.42MHz (US)
921.42MHz (Australia)


Height: 50 mm
Width: 50 mm
Depth: 16 mm

Power by

single LIR2450 3.6V battery rechargeable via the micro USB port

Working current

~36 mA~

Standby current

~3 mA~