The smallest hub in the world gives you the smartest control

eZLO’s ATOM plug-and-play smart home controller is the small size of a standard flash drive and allows you to create a complete whole home system using your smart home automation network with up to 20 supported connections.



Tap into control of smart home devices with easy configuration

It works by tapping into the Z-Wave Protocol, which powers the ATOM to manage dozens of compatible devices. With simple configuration you can now easily control your lights, sensors, thermostats, door locks and other smart home supported devices from the convenience of your smart phone or desktop computer.

The core of your smart home system

The eZLO ATOM functions as the core of your smart home system, allowing you to create a network based on your desired home automation. Simply plug in the ATOM and connect to the eZLO support app on your computer desktop or smart phone to gain full remote control of all devices connected to your hub. The ATOM communicates with the app to provide you with real-time data from each supported device and allows you to initiate commands with the easy push of a button.

eZLO App - Remotely Control Your Smart Home

Gain full control of your smart home and received notifications on the go

The eZLO App is built to give you complete remote access to your smart home, including the ability to customize and program notifications of important events happening in your home while you’re away. You can monitor occurrences such as windows and doors opening, notifying you when someone has arrived home or is leaving. You also have the ability to program alerts directly from your devices, notifying you of malfunctions or changes in performance, such as your heater shutting off in the middle of winter. This gives you the opportunity to troubleshoot in real time before major interruptions are experienced. You can even monitor low battery life in your smart devices, ensuring you won’t have access disruptions.

Should you choose to share access to your hub and connected devices, you can tailor accessibility either by granting full access, or limiting to specific rooms or even individual devices.

Smart devices at a glance

Smart devices at a glance

Thanks to the Z-Wave Protocol, the eZLO ATOM can manage dozens of compatible home automation devices. Your smart home network configuration has never been easier.

Small size, low-cost - more possibilities

Smart home controller the size of a flash drive

The eZLO ATOM allows you to build and connect your whole home to a smart home network with the ease of plug-and-play supported technology. Building a network of connected devices allows you to control lights, sensors, thermostats, door locks and much more from a single control center.

eZLO ATOM gives you full control of your home, even when away from home.

Check out the full listing of compatible devices for the eZLO ATOM here. Full technical specifications for the eZLO ATOM are included below.

Smallest Hub in the World
Full Home Coverage
Access Remotely
Real-time Monitoring
The Lowest Price
Simple Installation

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