A Control Center for Your eZLO Hub

To be managed with an eZLO application, your smart devices should be united and connected to a core device called the eZLO hub. Being a hardware alter ego of the eZLO app, it allows you to seamlessly access and manage your smart home through the app even during a power outage or when you’re far away from it.

Works with All Senses

Ensure top safety at your home: install smart gadgets and use the eZLO app to control your heat, HVAC system, track air temperature, manage lights, keep an eye on levels of CO, CO2 and H2O to avoid fire or water flood, and turn on or off your power outlets when needed.

Go even further and create information-based rules like enabling air conditioning if the temperature goes above the set parameter.

Smart Features

  • Room delegation

    Create virtual rooms in the app and assign smart devices to them as if they’re installed at your home. Then, invite your close ones to access and manage rooms with you.

  • Rules

    Make your home truly smart: create sophisticated scenarios for your waking up routine, morning jogs, coffee breaks, better sleeping at night and more.

  • Notifications

    Get mobile alerts on important events like significant changes in the air, someone entering your home, power outage, low batteries in your smart devices etc.

  • eZLO sharing

    With the eZLO app, you can manage as many eZLO hubs as you want, and you can also share them (and all the devices they have connected) with other users.

  • Remote control

    Since the eZLO hub connects to the Internet via Ethernet or WiFi, you can connect it via your mobile app from any Internet-enabled place on the Earth.

Use on the go and on the couch

We analyzed your needs and created a mobile app that lets you quickly turn on the thermostat or launch the coffee machine if you’re heading home. For more complicated goals like setting up sophisticated rules or sharing access to various rooms we also created a web app for your laptop or desktop device.