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Our story

Ezlo began with a question:
—Why can't all smart devices
Work Together?
With the goal of delivering a user experience that would push home control toward mass adoption, Ezlo was born as an innovation project under MAveCap, a privately owned venture capital firm.
Official Launch
Ezlo Innovation emerges
from incubation with about
40 employees, and undergoes
a two-year period of
through both
acquisitions and organic growth.
Impactful & agile.
4 brands
200+ employees
10 offices
on 3 continents
Leadership team
Mark Samuel
Roger Gregory
VP Product
Mariusz Malkowski
VP Customer Success
Bent Sorensen
VP Sales
Bob Goldberg
SVP Operations
Lauren Rosenthal
VP Finance
We are always innovating
Through our parent company, MAVecap, a privately owned venture capital firm, we have access to the ingenuity of engineers worldwide. This ensures a never-ending supply of innovative technologies we can leverage to improve our current solutions—or introduce as standalone services that have the potential to change markets.
Impactful & agile.
Connect everything
In an industry where most companies are reducing the number of products they integrate with. We believe people shouldn't have to worry about compatibility of different technologies; they should be able to choose the products they want and have them work with any device or service that can improve their lives. That's where we think technology is headed, and we intend to lead the way.