OEM Solutions

OEM Solutions
Make Your Product Smarter

Entering the smart home automation market has never been easier for OEMs or B2Bs looking to integrate smart technology into their product design, or to capitalize on white-label ready technology.  eZLO has developed a platform backed with the ongoing consumer support necessary to optimize your product to compete with any smart device on the market.

The future of smart homes is here to stay and with the simple integration of our plug-and-play platform you can fast track your smart product production cycle to be market ready in record time. Our approach is simple: we equip your product with our completely customizable, multifunctional and low-cost smart hub controller board using the protocol best suited for your regional performance, instantly giving you access to the command and control capabilities of smart home systems. Once online, you have complete access to our highly engineered network of product functionality through smart phone and web applications, a world-class secure cloud infrastructure, and web-based administration equipped with a full support center for managing support tickets and white-label expertise to your end users. A smart partnership indeed.

The key to a successful partnership is cooperation and communication, allowing your product to operate at its fully optimized potential using our integrated smart ecosystem. You benefit from full access to our software, hardware and firmware solutions, as well as our mobile app technology and white-label ready support system, and of course all the hardware sales profits. We at eZLO benefit by partnering with quality hardware products, R&D support, preferred hardware pricing and most valuable, a speedy means to bring your device to market.

ezlo’s four-pillar ecosystem
Let eZLO help you get smart with our four-pillar ecosystem
  • eZLO Hub/Controller Board

    We plug our smart hub into your existing product, giving it the ability to fully enable smart home automation technology. Our hub smartens your device and simultaneously bridges the user, device and home to create a fully integrated end user experience supported by Amazon Alexa and other voice functional platforms. Through thoughtful innovation we’ve achieved a cost-effective price point that allows you to plug our technology into any existing product to your specifications at the lowest market costs.

  • Secure Cloud Infrastructure

    Cloud Infrastructure acts as the backbone to any smart home automation system, enabling connectivity between devices to allow control from various locations via remote support. eZLO’s ecosystem equips OEMs with the robust and scalable infrastructure to take the end user product experience to the next level.

  • Mobile App Software – Smart Phone and Web Applications

    Developing apps to control smart products can be costly and time consuming for OEMs looking for quick market entry. eZLO’s ecosystem includes top in smart phone and web application software ready to extend the user experience. Our apps consist of clean and intuitive user interfaces that are frequently updated to ensure the best possible end user experience. Our apps are available on iOS, Android and the web and are white-label ready to add your branding.

  • Web-Based Administration

    eZLO provides a full after-market support system to assist you in the management of support tickets and expert customer support, all white-labeled to incorporate your brand. With our web-based administration, you can check the status of your devices, launch maintenance checks and troubleshoot devices remotely to maintain the upkeep of your products after they are sold and activated. Our system also allows you to gather analytical data such as usage and geographical status so that you can  easily compile useful information needed to make further market decisions.