eZLO is the only fully integrated ecosystem capable of uniting all your Z-Wave devices within a single interface. Our platform allows you to customize your command and control management settings according to your needs. Your end users can work with you to set up specific rules such
as having devices meet them at home with automatic functionality to turn on lights, adjust thermostats or prepare conveniences throughout the day. Additionally, eZLO is compatible with Amazon Alexa and other voice functional platforms.

Z-Wave is a simple and reliable radio technology for data exchange, designed to control the end users home the way they desire. Z-Wave uses a two-way data exchange with delivery confirmations via a small packet format and algorithms for random delays, resulting in the most reliable networks. Additionally, Z-Wave expands a wide coverage area using a dynamic routing system and a mesh network structure, allowing for transmission at a distance up to 120 meters. Only a small bandwidth is required to communicate between devices (40 or 100 kbit) allowing you to use less expensive equipment. For further information on Z-Wave, please click here to visit the Z-Wave Alliance.

The eZLO platform can host upto 232 devices in a single smart home network.

At eZLO we understand that your home is your haven. We are at the forefront of emerging technologies that make your home more intuitive to your comfort and control; employing the utmost security checkpoints to safeguard your use experience. Safeguarding your whole home smart system built using our platform is a top priority. We believe that comfort is more than the temperature of your thermostat or the dim of your lights. It is feeling completely secure in your environment.

The Internet of Things is quickly pushing us into a new revolution, changing the way we live in and interact with the world around us. It’s predicted that nearly 25 billion devices will be connected via the IoT by the year 2020. We understand the nuances of making this technology available inside the home while balancing the security measures to make it a safe user experience.

We are actively engaged in industry discussions with researchers, developers, designers and OEMs to pinpoint the major security concerns and how to put best practices in place. We are in constant review of our platform to identify security issues before they arise, and vigorously apply technologies that support only the highest level of security. We review every vendor we work with to make sure they too have best practices in place. We listen to experts in the industry as they discuss concerns and how to employ the best solutions. Our security practices are continually developing alongside our technologies, as well as industry expansion.

We encourage all consumers to participate in strong authentication standards when using their personal devices including mobile phones, computers and other connected devices. We recommend that you employ the highest level of security when setting up your home networks, putting into place safeguards against third-party access. We strongly suggest that you share your network access with only those that you deem trustworthy.