Your Home Is Safe Wherever You Are

Matthew’s Story

Your Home Is Safe Wherever You Are

Matthew is an auditor in a global company. His job requires him to travel to company offices in different parts of the world. Sometimes, Matthew can be away for a couple of weeks with his next trip scheduled already days after his return. Matthew loves his job with its busy schedule, as through it he gets a chance to visit other places and meet interesting people

eZLO PlugHub

At the same time, Matthew is always looking forward to returning to his small apartment in a multi-story building. He treasures every minute he spends there, so he made his home as comfortable and safe as possible with a smart home system centered around an eZLO PlugHub.

Smart devices for smarter living

Everspring Smoke, Flood and Humidity Detectors
Enbrighten LED Bulb
Flood Sensor
Fibaro Motion Sensor
TKB Home Door/Window Sensors
Radio Thermostat

Your Home Is Safe Wherever You Are

Wherever he is, Matthew knows that his apartment is safe and secure. When he returns from his office or one of his overseas trips, Matthew always comes to a comfortable, cozy and warm place – his home.