The First Fully Functional Plug-Sized Hub is Your Gateway to a Smart Home

The eZLO PlugHub is a small hub that plugs directly into your electrical socket, instantly becoming a gateway to whole home control via your customized smart home network. Pick and choose which devices you’d like to connect and plug into remote access from the eZLO App.



Easy as 1-2-3

With the PlugHub, you only need to connect to your in-home Wi-Fi network and download the eZLO smartphone application to tap into full control of your home. The hub will connect via your Wi-Fi network to give you access to all connected devices. Once plugged in, you have access to all your connected devices from anywhere in the world.

Convert non smart technology into smart technology

Even devices not designed with smart automation technology can be converted by simply plugging into the PlugHub to access control functionality. When plugged in, the hub connects switches, lights, locks and sensors and gives you access control directly from your smartphone.


Access of your home from anywhere in the world

The eZLO Hub also wirelessly connects to the eZLO web and smart phone apps, giving you control access of your home from anywhere in the world, no matter the hour. The Hub will work even if your home experiences a power outage, so you can rest-assured that your home is monitored no matter the circumstance.

less is more

No Extra Space Required
less is more

The minimalistic design integrates seamlessly into your home to build a control center for your desired devices. Even with a much smaller footprint, the PlugHub offers the same connectivity functions as a full-sized hub without taking up any extra space.

The PlugHub contains the same Z-Wave capabilities to control multiple devices within a 40 meter range. In multi-hub systems, the eZLO PlugHub functions as a Z-Wave repeater to amplify signals to and from surrounding hubs.

Check out the full listing of compatible devices for the eZLO Hub here. Full technical specifications for the eZLO Hub are included below.

Access Remotely
Real-time Monitoring
100% Wireless
Two in One
Automation Rules
Connect More Devices

Compatible home automation devices