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Gadgets: Go lighter, smaller, portable with reusable notebook

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I’ve always been one to go lighter, smaller and as portable as possible. The Rocketbook Core portable reusable notebook is a nice addition to my mission.

My school years were during the pen and pencil period, so I can only imagine how handy it would have been during that era. These stay-at-home days where my house chores and shopping lists end up with Post-it notes everywhere, the Rocketbook Core simplifies everything and even lets me save and uploaded the content in PDF or JPEG to cloud services such as Google Drive, iCloud, email and Dropbox to name a few.

But it got me thinking, if I thought it would have been a great benefit during my school years along with today, what would someone currently in school think, so I enlisted an able bodied college student to give it a try during the current home schooling days.

Within a few days she gave it an A+ and especially enjoyed the cloud upload with the reusable notebook. She also pointed out for some classes a laptop or tablet aren’t needed, making the Rocketbook Core lighter and easier to tote around campus whenever they get back to that.

Appearance wise, at first glance it looks like a traditional spiral notebook, except instead of paper, it uses patented reusable technology consisting of synthetic paper, which you write on. Once you’re done the page wipes clean with a damp cloth for the next use.

Before erasing, uploading the content is a pretty simple step. With the Rocketbook app on your smartphone or tablet, the pages can be scanned for the cloud storage.

Writing is done using any pen from the Pilot Frixion line of markers or highlighters, which all give you a normal writing experience.

The cost friendly Rocketbook Core is available in letter size 8.5-by-11inches with 32 pages for $34 and the executive is 6-by-8.8-inches with 36 pages $32. Both are also availed with a dot grid pattern or lined.

You have eight choices of cover colors, a microfiber cleaning cloth and one Pilot FriXion pen is included with each.


Sure, some smart home systems are more complex than others but overall, most are really easy to set to operate devices in your home. Sure, turning a light on or off is easy. But setting it up on a schedule to do just that, enabling it to be off when you want, not running up the electric meter is just one example.

The latest smart home product I tried is the Vera Ezlo Atom smart home controller hub, part of the Vera controller family.

For the most part, the Atom looks like a flash thumb drive (1.1-by-0.4-by-2 inches) with a standard USB-A connector built on swivel hinge. Inside the Atom is a 160 MHz 32-bit LX6 processor, with NOR 16 MB of flash memory and SRAM 520 KB of RAM. It’s built with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi for connecting to your home network.

For operation, it needs to be plugged into any USB power source and along with the Vera mobile app, it controls smart home devices including light bulbs, thermostats, window sensors, motion detectors, locks and more.

Setting a smart home device intimidates a lot of users, but after using this Atom, I can say this is as easy as can be. If you can download the app and follow simple setup instructions, the Atom is plug and play for the most part. For my test purposes, I had it working to control light bulbs in seconds and then had it connected with a few other Z-Wave security devices I already had planted in my home.

The app has a user-friendly dashboard, which lets you set up new rules for schedules, shortcuts and instant control.

I have to say, this worked really well and I’d recommend it for first-time smart home users or, if you have existing devices and want to get control of them in one place. It also works with smart home assistants, Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple shortcuts.

https://getvera.com $29.95

Contact Gregg Ellman at greggellman@mac.com. Follow him on Twitter: @greggellman.


eZLO Innovation Recognized With 2020 IoT Breakthrough Award

by admin

Ezlo Atom Home Hub Wins IoT Innovation Award for Consumer Product of the Year

CLIFTON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ezlo Innovation, a global leader in the development of smart solutions for homes and businesses, today announced that its smart home hub, the Atom, has been named the IoT Innovation Award Consumer Product of the Year from IoT Breakthrough. The annual award program recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global Internet-of-Things (IoT) market.

As the smallest, most affordable smart home hub on the market, the Ezlo Atom represents the next generation of home control, offering consumers control over devices like lights, switches, sensors, door locks, thermostats and more via a single app or voice control. Priced at $29.95, the Atom is half the price of other popular smart home hubs while still being packed with the power to deliver a complete smart home experience.

“We have taken price off the table as a blocker for home automation,” said Mark Samuel, CEO of Ezlo Innovation. “The Atom provides an array of smart home capabilities in a small, familiar package, and it works with voice control to further simplify control for consumers. Our goal is to make home automation accessible to everyone, and the 2020 IoT Breakthrough Award is a great acknowledgment of our vision.”

The mission of the IoT Breakthrough Awards program is to recognize innovators, leaders, and visionaries from around the globe in a range of IoT categories, including Industrial and Enterprise IoT, Smart City technology, Connected Home and Home Automation, Connected Car, and more. This year’s program attracted more than 3,700 nominations from companies around the world.

“While edge devices like speakers and TVs sometimes receive the attention in today’s smart home market, Ezlo is ‘breaking through’ with a completely new approach in the Smart Home Hub market,” said James Johnson, managing director at IoT Breakthrough. “The Ezlo Atom offers consumers so much for so little, and we are thrilled to recognize it in this year’s program. We extend a hearty congratulations to the Ezlo team on their well-deserved industry recognition and success with their ‘breakthrough’ Atom product.”

The Atom, and other Ezlo devices, will be on display next week at CES in booth 41917 at the Sands Convention Center. For more information about Ezlo Innovation and the Atom, visit www.ezlo.com.


Ezlo Innovation Acquires Smart Home Device Maker Centralite Systems

by ezlo

Transaction marks Ezlo’s third acquisition in less than a year, expanding its family of brands

CLIFTON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ezlo Innovation, a global leader in the development of smart solutions for homes and businesses, today announced the acquisition of Alabama-based Centralite Systems, maker of the Centralite line of consumer and white-labeled smart home devices. The acquisition adds another strategic piece to Ezlo’s growing family of brands, and gives their customers even more choice in which smart products they use to add convenience and comfort to their everyday lives.

With the acquisition, Ezlo Innovation expands its product portfolio to include smart thermostats, switches, and sensors, which will integrate seamlessly with its Vera controller and camera product lines. The acquisition moves Ezlo closer to its goal of becoming a technology-agnostic platform, and its stated promise to connect to everything in the nearly $40 billion U.S. smart home market.

“We continue to strategically grow our family of brands to move the smart home market closer to a world where products just work,” said Mark Samuel, CEO of Ezlo Innovation. “As many brands today are reducing the number of devices with which they integrate, we’re taking the opposite approach. By adding Centralite to our product portfolio, we will accelerate the integration process for our customers and make it easier for them to choose which products they want to use for their smart home systems, rather than having those decisions made for them.”

This acquisition follows Ezlo Innovation’s August 2018 acquisition of MiOS, a smart home services platform, along with its Vera branded line of consumer products, and the October 2018 acquisition of Fortrezz, a leader in intelligent leak detection and flood prevention solutions. For more information about Ezlo Innovation and its family of smart devices, please visit www.ezlo.com.

About Ezlo Innovation

Ezlo Innovation empowers advancement on a global scale, with a unique, four-pillar platform designed to deliver best-in-class smart solutions to homes and businesses across categories like wellness, insurance, security, energy, and property management. Ezlo is headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey, with offices in Ukraine, Romania, and Colombia. Learn more at www.ezlo.com.


Ezlo Innovation Launches PlugHub Energy, The First Smart Plug With a Built-In Home Control Hub

by ezlo

Industry-changing price of $39.95 furthers goal of making home automation accessible to mass market.

CLIFTON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ezlo Innovation, a global leader in the development of smart solutions for homes and businesses, today announced the newest addition to its Vera Controller line, the PlugHub Energy.

The PlugHub Energy is the first home automation device to combine the features of a smart home hub, smart plug, and energy monitor into a single product, giving consumers the ability to start a smart home with just one device. The PlugHub Energy offers unparalleled value by turning lamps and other standard appliances into smart products, while enabling control of Z-Wave devices such as smart locks, thermostats, sensors, and more. It will also offer control of Wi-Fi devices through integration with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, which are coming soon.

“The PlugHub Energy furthers our effort to make home automation more accessible to everyone,” said Mark Samuel, CEO of Ezlo Innovation. “I’ve heard countless stories of people buying smart plugs only to realize that they need something to control them with. We’ve solved that problem with a literal plug-and-play hub at a price point far below what customers would have to pay for a separate smart plug and control hub.”

The PlugHub Energy is now available for pre-order in the US market, with alternate configurations for other regions coming in 2020. The hub is controlled by the Vera mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices, and allows users to view the energy consumption of any device plugged into the PlugHub Energy, as well as the energy used by other Z-Wave metered class devices in their home.

This announcement follows Ezlo Innovation’s launch of the Atom smart home hub, as well as the acquisitions of Centralite SystemsVera Control, and Fortrezz. To learn more, please visit https://getvera.com/products/ezlo-plughub-energy.

About Vera

Vera, an Ezlo Innovation company, is the smarter home control solution that makes homes safer and lives easier with affordable and easy-to-use home control hubs, cameras and services. Learn more at www.getvera.com.

About Ezlo Innovation

Ezlo Innovation delivers best-in-class connected solutions to homes and businesses on a global scale. Its family of brands, which includes Vera, MiOS, Fortrezz, and Centralite, has nearly 50 combined years of experience in the home automation and IoT markets. Ezlo delivers home control products and services both directly to homeowners and through a global dealer network, and their white-labeled B2B solutions are being used by businesses across categories like wellness, insurance, security, energy, and property management. Ezlo is headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey, with offices in Ukraine, Romania, and Colombia. Learn more at www.ezlo.com.