eZLO was founded in 2014 by two tech devotees looking to bridge the gap between end users, their home and devices. We build Z-Wave enabled technology to make homes smarter, and hence created the first ever all-inclusive single platform to help existing OEMs quickly enter the home automation market with little overhead so they can focus on expansion in the market space.

  • A Global Technology Company
    Rich background in innovative technology and concepts

    We employ a global team of professionals, all of which bring to the table a rich background in innovative technology and concepts. We are constant thinkers, taking on the market with a top-in approach to smart technology. We are currently headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey, however our solutions expand globally throughout the US, Europe and Asia. We strive to create the best possible end user experience and therefore custom our algorithms, approaches and working frequencies according to the unique operations of each region.

  • eZLO, you and the oem
    The future of smart homes is here; now is your time

    At eZLO, we want to create partnerships in which you, the OEM, can focus your efforts on your product solutions and we can provide the backbone with our world-class hardware and ever developing comprehensive ecosystem. The future of smart homes is here; now is your time to enter the market with the most highly engineered support system in your corner. Let us at eZLO help you reach your full potential — get smart with eZLO.