About eZLO Smart Home

eZLO is a home automation company founded in March 2014 by two passionate geeks. We produce Z-Wave-enabled equipment for smart homes all over the world and, on top of that, we build an all-in-one platform to help existing businesses enter the home automation market and grow.

eZLO currently employs over 50 professionals. Its headquarters are based in the US. The company targets businesses operating in the US, Europe and Asia, with its solutions having different algorithms, approaches and working frequencies for different regions.

At eZLO, we want to help you finally focus on bringing the real value instead of learning the hardware stuff, developing software and addressing user problems every day. The future of a smart home has already come. Now it’s your turn to deliver it to your audience in the best way possible. And we’ll help you with that.

Bilgehan Evren
Chief Operations Officer

Essentially, home automation is about a technology that you add to the things people already use at home: bulbs, locks, doorbells etc. So instead of reinventing a wheel every time, why just not create a solution that can make your product smart and easy-to-maintain with minimum efforts? And we did it.

Vedat Ozan Oner
Chief Technical Officer

For me, eZLO is about commitment in the first place. Being a preferred partner for you means foreseeing and meeting the needs and expectations of your unique audience, while taking care of all technical details. This is how I see strong partnership.

eZLO Smart Home History

March 2014
eZLO smart hub idea

Everything started with the idea to create a device that will help unite various smart home devices from different brands into a single network. On top of it, we wanted to create a single webmobile interface able to manage any smart home no matter how it is organized.

July 2014
Home automation solution brainstorming

After a research, we decided our hub will take advantage of the Z-Wave technology. Then, numerous decisions were made on hardware, design, and functionality, before we started actually working on its implementation and production.

February 2015
First prototype

When the first functional eZLO hub was finally built, we realized it’s all going to work. Later, we took it to the exhibitions and showed its pros to people inspired by the idea of handy and reliable smart home technologies.

September 2015
eZLO app design

After the hub prototype was ready, Vedat and Mihail started working on the architecture of the software behind it, including the web and mobile apps and the back end.

April 2016
First demo

This is our COO Bilgehan Evren presents the eZLO Hub for the first time. It was important to convey the next idea behind our solution: the eZLO Hub eliminates possible difficulties in using today’s smart home devices. One app for all home automation solutions you have installed.

August 2016
Production start

When we finalized the hardware design and the first version of the app was ready, we launched the production of the hub. Now everybody can order and use it at their home while we keep adding more supported devices and functions on the software side.

March 2017
Exhibiting the solution

When finally the whole solution was ready for demonstration, we started visiting various exhibitions and presenting it to the audience. Our marketing team created original functional stands allowing visitors to see and immediately test how the eZLO technologies work.


1255 Broad Street, Clifton, NJ 07013, United States